Clubhouse and the Rise of Audio-Social Media

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Many have claimed that all social networks are starting to look the same. It has become obvious they are all developing the same feature set.

Platforms copied Snapchat and created Stories, and now they are all copying TikTok. One of the newer TikTok clones, Clash, just bought Byte — which was built by the team that started the whole tiny video craze in the first place (Vine). Copying has its place, for sure. But the newest community-focused platform, Clubhouse, is finding early success by doing something completely different.
It’s hard to clone a huge incumbent with success — and even harder to build something brand new. But if you can break through the upside is much bigger. In less than a year Clubhouse has become a social media darling with the promise of creating community and connection with a new audio-first experience.



  • Insights on the rise of audio content.
  • An overview of the audio-only social app, Clubhouse.
  • Clubhouse FAQs.
  • Opportunities for brand and influencers in the aural economy.
  • Analysis and predictions of the future of Clubhouse.


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