Global Influencer Marketing Pioneer

A Refined Influencer Marketing Approach Built on Years of Innovation.

Creativity is Contagious

Open Influence is an award-winning creative and strategic influencer marketing agency.

Using a top-down approach, our dedicated creative team designs influencer marketing strategies that result in cohesive brand experiences while celebrating individual creativity. 

With their guidance, creators deliver best-in-class content that customers share and remember long after they’ve scrolled away.

We Get Shit Done

Over the past eight years we have mastered the A – Z of influencer marketing. Our high-performing account managers bring campaigns to life along every step of the way.

They act as an extension of your team, ensuring that all parties remain aligned with and committed to your purpose and your influencer marketing goals.

Our influencer marketing agency is full of creative thinkers, social media gurus and people-centric leaders.

Data-Driven From A – Z

Data informs our every decision, from creative ideation to execution. Our platform crunches the numbers and unlocks creative and strategic insights that elevate campaigns from super to superior.

When content goes live our work has only just begun, as team leaders in our influencer marketing firm dissect and analyze campaign performance to scale to even greater heights, uncovering actionable insights for your future successful endeavors.