Influencer Q&A: William Jardell @Williamjardell

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With almost 200K followers on Instagram, William Jardell is crushing the modeling/dancing social media verticals. America’s Next Top Model was Will’s claim to fame and has given him the opportunity to share his life and inspirations with his followers. Authenticity is a primary aspect of Will’s feed and has gained him a hugely dedicated following. We got the opportunity to get to know Will a little bit more online and off-line social media.  Check out the genuine and talented William Jardell below!

Model/Dance Influencer William Jardell

1. Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself.

What Is Life Like Living In Los Angeles And Do You Feel That Your Move From Texas To LA Has Helped Your Social Media Career?  I am from a small town in Texas. I went to school at Texas A&M and graduated in 2013 then immediately flew to LA as a semi-finalist on America’s Next Top Model. I received runner-up in the competition and stayed in LA after we finished filming. My life has drastically changed since filming ANTM last year! I got a degree in Biomedical Science and planned on becoming a physician but now I’m living in LA working as a model and dance instructor. Crazy how life works. Being in LA has definitely helped me understand and grow a social media following.  I account my time on ANTM to giving me a platform to be a voice for our generation. Before ANTM social media was a fun thing to do but now it’s a way for me to interact with my fans and inspire those who follow me. I have come to meet many start-up companies that want to get their names out there and I enjoy working with brands that I feel passionate about and sharing that with my following.

2. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Accounts To Follow?

I love following fashion blogs and fashion brands. Fashion has always been a huge part of me and see what is new and upcoming is amazing. Social media has given us an easier way to stay up to date on the trends and styles that are out right now. I also follow models and YouTubers. Creative people keep me inspired to continue with my creative juices.

3. You Were On America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21, Tell Us About What Life Was Like During The Taping.

Every episode was filmed in a three day time period so it’s not as “weekly” as the show portrays. The pace of living in the top model house was fast and constant with no downtime. It was a whirlwind of emotions living with so many different personalities but all of us bonded so quickly that it made the experience incredible. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life! Every day was like waking up and never knowing if you would be eliminated or safe! On finale night I remember pacing the house and talking to my self-saying ” how did I get here”. I was able to gain some best friends who will be in my life forever and that was better than winning the competition. It all happened so fast but was so amazing that I would never change it for anything.

4. Dancing Also Seems To Be Your Passion. Do You Feel That Your Varied Interests Speak To Your Audience Versus Being Just Another Pretty Face On Instagram?

I love many different things and share every part of myself with my following. Most models just share their modeling images and headshots, but I like to share my whole self with my fans, giving them a glimpse into my life and not just my work. I post about my boyfriend, my dancing, my YouTube channel, ANTM, and so many different things. What I have found is that followers love to see you and what you love, it gives them a chance to be inspired by people who are themselves and doing what they love. I’m not a huge fan of people who are just pretty on social media because we all know you can edit, facetune, and photoshop those pictures to look perfect, but in reality, no one is perfect. Followers love to see real people.

5. How Have Your Life And Career Evolved Since Becoming A Social Media Influencer?

I don’t take it very lightly and hold myself to a higher standard of social media now. I love working with brands and sharing products that I believe in with my fans. I see it as a mutual relationship when a brand reaches out to me to share their product. It gains business for them and I am able to share it with my followers so that they can back the brand and believe in the product just as much as I do. Social media is so fun and I love sharing different parts of my life. I always look at a post and think about who will see it and if it will bring a positive message to everyone. I have gotten so many fan messages about being an inspiration in their life. I always want to continue inspiring those who follow me to be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams. Never in a million years did I think that I would be doing so much with social media with almost 200k followers, but here I am and I hope to continue inspiring.

6. In Your Opinion, What Makes A Perfect Instagram Picture?

A perfect Instagram picture is genuine. For me, that is number one. When I go through my feed of people I follow I can feel who is being genuine in their post and who is just posting to get followers or likes. Whenever you post make sure your heart is behind it and people will love it so much more. I know that that’s how I feel about social media. Always always always be yourself and don’t edit your life to fit what you think you need to be.