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[REPORT] Everything You Need to Know About Creator Marketing for the Alcohol and Spirits Industry

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Alcoholic beverage revenue in the U.S. was $261.1 billion in 2022, with $111.5 billion of that total attributed to beer, and it is projected to grow by 10.51% annually through 2025.

Influencer marketing for the alcohol industry will help lessen their reliance on big-budget television campaigns and elaborate packaging. Using creator marketing to showcase their products in more natural settings and through people that potential customers trust and relate to make these marketing strategies for alcoholic beverages ideal.

In this trend report we’ll share:

  • Why creator marketing works for alcohol and spirits brands.
  • Best practices for alcohol and spirits creator campaigns, from pre-campaign strategy through content creation.
  • Overall trends in the alcohol and spirits sector.

[REPORT] Alcohol and Creator Marketing

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