[REPORT] How Creator Marketing Can Add Fuel to the Social Commerce Fire

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The rise of social commerce represents a shift in the role of social platforms in the purchase journey. They had primarily been a source of discovery and consideration, after which customers were sent to retailers’ websites to complete purchases, but the process has evolved into letting people buy goods without leaving the platform. 

“There has been a lot of momentum in the past year toward social commerce, and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon,” Open Influence Associate Director, Client Success Annabelle Shea said. “Consumers are more willing to make quick and impulsive purchases with the click of a button, and social platforms are making that easier than ever before by maximizing their in-app shopping capabilities. Amazon’s one-click patent paved the way for other retailers to adopt e-commerce solutions, and with the influence that creators now have on younger generations via social media, those three things really go hand in hand.” 

The report will dive into:

  • The Emergence of Social Commerce
  • Where Creator Marketing Fits In
  • Platform’s Approaches to Social Commerce
  • Social Commerce Best Practices
  • And more.

Download the report below to learn more!

[REPORT] Social Commerce 2023

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