Halloween Influencer Marketing Tricks and Treats: Ways for Brands to Capitalize on the Holiday

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Adding influencers to your holiday marketing strategies is a great way to capitalize on consumer spending power, even during Halloween. People look for costume inspiration everywhere, and social media’s influence is increasing.

In fact, according to the Halloween Industry Association, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are the major social channels where people look to find ideas. Instagram in particular has seen the biggest increase in use over time, growing at about 12 percent year-over-year.

Engaging and Celebrating with Influencer marketing 

Candy, costumes and cobwebs: Some things about Halloween never change. Although the holiday itself is a tale as old as time, brands can make it feel fresh.

While traditional advertising doesn’t give much space for experimentation, influencer marketing on the other side is versatile and full of opportunities to reach audiences in new and exciting ways. 

Here we offer some ideas for brands to join the social conversation during the holiday with successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Capitalize on Influencer Creativity 

Buying a packaged costume or generic decorations is fine, but people really enjoy a DIY Halloween. Take a look at the hundreds of Pinterest pins, and you’ll see people love getting crafty around the holidays. Brands can use this to their advantage, creating influencer marketing campaigns with a strong DIY bent. 

Crocs’ campaign from 2017 is a great example. The brand partnered with various influencers, including Lyndi Kennedy and Tiffany Ish, to create a campaign featuring DIY costumes paired with the brand’s iconic shoes. Each influencer integrated the product using their personal style and created a unique piece of content. There’s no better way to unlock an influencer’s creativity than letting them do-it-themselves. 

Leverage cultural insights

Brands that want to reach multicultural audiences can maximize their efforts by leveraging cultural insights. 

While many celebrate Halloween, other cultures practice traditions that share common themes. How can brands take advantage of this cultural creativity without causing backlash? The key is to be authentic by partnering with influencers who represent the culture in question. For example, last year we connected the California Lottery with Mexican influencer Lily Martinez to promote their Dia de los Muertos scratchers. 

Martinez’ heritage added credibility and trustworthiness, and her presence assured her followers that the CA Lottery was celebrating — not exploiting — Mexican culture.

Brands that want to incorporate multicultural elements into their influencer campaigns should say goodbye to stereotyped clichés and hello to diversity. Let people from these cultures share their stories and enthusiasm.

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