EBOOK- The Medium is the Message: An Intro to Cross-platform Influencer Marketing

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Though modern influencer marketing has its roots back in the 1990s with blogs and in the early 2000s with YouTube, the influencer industry really exploded with the emergence of mobile native social apps like Instagram which democratized the creation and consumption of visual content. Instagram’s popularity for influencer marketing goes hand in hand with the platform’s strong and rapid user growth. The platform made it easy for users to share their passions and interests and organically grow an audience based on the merit of their content. Someone could take and upload a great-looking photo in seconds and share it with the world, without any of the traditional complexities of content creation and distribution. 

Over time, we have seen platforms come and go. The ones that have thrived have worked to introduce innovative new features to keep up with the requirements of the influencer economy.

Since every social network has its own distinct characteristics, a one-size-fits-all approach is out of the question. They say “the medium is the message,” and it’s true. Where and how you tell your story is as important as the story itself. Even the most compelling message will fall on deaf ears if it doesn’t fit the platform. 

Crushing it on your influencer campaigns requires knowing the ins and outs of the major social platforms, especially the type of content that does and doesn’t work, audience interests, and the way they have shaped influencer marketing.

In this eBook, we will examine six major social networks, with an eye toward how brands can leverage influencers on each one in a distinctive way.

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