How Creators Took Their Audiences Along With Them on a Pixar-Lover's Dream Experience


Leverage creators to generate awareness and build excitement among audiences for the theatrical release of Pixar’s Lightyear


Open Influence partnered with an array of DIY, #sciencetok, and Pixar-loving creators to bring to life a series of content the week leading up to the theatrical release of Lightyear. 

 The campaign comprised of two experiential components: we took the first group of eight creators on a trip to Pixar Animation Studios to explore the campus and capture content from their fun-filled activities. They each created a TikTok video, which authentically encapsulated their experience in the recording studio, the Pixar Cafe, and a drawing lesson from Story Supervisor Dean Kelly. Additionally, the creators shared TikTok story sets from their time at the studio, successfully making this the first TikTok story activation at Open Influence. 

The second group of six creators went to the star-studded carpet of the Lightyear Premiere in Los Angeles. Here they filmed TikToks featuring smooth transitions from home to the premiere, using the iconic phrase, “to infinity and beyond” to spark joy from long-time Toy Story fans. Along with their TikTok videos and stories, the creators hosted an hour-long live stream on Pixar’s account.  

The energetic captions drove their followers to watch the movie in theaters. The experiential nature of the campaign sparked creators to post a high volume of added value content.