Influencers Start Complaining of Centralized Control on Social Media

This image is being circulated via Influencers on social media. 

Since we are always on the lookout for what's going on in the space we couldn't ignore these complaints. 

It's no secret that gone are the days when everyone had an equal chance to be seen on the Internet, but now it seems like the algorithm is even affecting content creation itself.

Here is an example:
An Influencer wrote a blog post called "INSTAGRAM CREATED A MONSTER - A no bullshit guide to what's really going on!" where she explains how influencers try to trick the Instagram algorithm. 


Content creators have fallen into a conundrum. Since they lost individual control over what they post, either they let their creativity flow and risk not getting the engagement they need or they follow the trends that are ruling the space, even if that means not being true to themselves.

To many it feels like these changes are not empowering the creative community.

As influencers talk about the impact of the new algorithm, some may start focusing their attention elsewhere. Other platforms like Snapchat and Amazon Spark are moving fast and steady to facilitate influencer systems. 

Watch the following video to see how social commerce is starting to play a very important role in the process.